sp. No.4 How to make a cloth mask (3D mask) ④Sew the front fabric and lining

Three-dimensional mask (3D mask) -You can put non-woven or kitchen paper in the mask!

mask マスク 布マスク Cloth mask マスクの作り方 makemask fablic マスクの材料 3dmask 立体マスク 3Dマスク マンガ 漫画 まんが manga とさくら とさくらマンガブログ ブログ Tosakura 高知 shiroi N 夏乃しおり

©2017 shiori natsuno



Reinforcing seam


Sew to reinforce the part where the non-woven fabric or kitchen paper is taken in and out.
The length of the reinforcing seam is about 4 cm (≒1.57in).

Those who feel troublesome do not need to use this reinforcement sewing.


Sew the front fabric and lining together


Let’s sew the front fabric and the lining together.
The fabrics are sewn on the inside surface.
All the upper side of the fabrics is sewn and closed.
Leave 4cm 4 cm (≒1.57in) in the center of the bottom of the fabrics (do not sew here) and sew the rest together.


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