sp. No.6 How to make a cloth mask (3D mask) ⑥Turn inside out

Three-dimensional mask (3D mask) -You can put non-woven or kitchen paper in the mask!

mask マスク 布マスク Cloth mask マスクの作り方 makemask fablic マスクの材料 3dmask 立体マスク 3Dマスク マンガ 漫画 まんが manga とさくら とさくらマンガブログ ブログ Tosakura 高知 shiroi N 夏乃しおり

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Turn inside out


Turn inside out and press only the edges of the mask with iron.
It has become like a mask.


Hole for inserting non-woven fabric


This mask can put non-woven fabric or kitchen paper between the front fabric and the lining.
The non-woven fabric can be replaced.
You can put non-woven or kitchen paper through the hole under the mask.


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