sp. No.8 How to make a cloth mask (3D mask) ⑧ The part to pass the mask rubber

Three-dimensional mask (3D mask) -You can put non-woven or kitchen paper in the mask!

mask マスク 布マスク Cloth mask マスクの作り方 makemask fablic マスクの材料 3dmask 立体マスク 3Dマスク マンガ 漫画 まんが manga とさくら とさくらマンガブログ ブログ Tosakura 高知 shiroi N 夏乃しおり

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Sew the edges


It looks like a mask.
After that, let’s sew the parts through which the mask rubbers are passed.

Compared to disposable paper masks, cloth masks can be washed many times.
Instead, you must make a durable mask that can be washed.

The lining of the mask is made of double gauze so it feels soft.
However, the gauze fabric is easy to fray.
Therefore, sew the edges of the mask twice.


Sew the rubber passage


(1) When using a fabric such as cotton for the lining,

When making a lining such as cotton, fold the edges of fabrics two times.
If you want to make it beautiful, iron the fold.
(It is okay to sew without ironing.)

(2) When gauze cloth is used for the lining (in the photo)

Sew in two steps to prevent the case from fraying.
First fold the edges 5 mm(≒0.19in) and sew.
After sewing, fold it again about 1 cm (10 mm) (≒0.39in) and sew again.

The 3D mask body is complete.
Then just pass the mask rubber through.


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