sp. No.9 How to make a cloth mask (3D mask) ⑨Put non-woven fabric

Three-dimensional mask (3D mask) -You can put non-woven or kitchen paper in the mask!

mask マスク 布マスク Cloth mask マスクの作り方 makemask fablic マスクの材料 3dmask 立体マスク 3Dマスク マンガ 漫画 まんが manga とさくら とさくらマンガブログ ブログ Tosakura 高知 shiroi N 夏乃しおり

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Put the non-woven fabric in the mask


Finally, the 3D mask body is completed.
Let’s cut the non-woven fabric and put it in.
The shape-retaining material is also covered, so you will feel soft.

There are various non-woven fabrics around, so let’s find and cut them.


The difference between disposable paper masks and cloth masks


It feels good to use a cloth mask instead of a disposable paper mask.
Disposable paper masks are always stiff, but cloth masks are soft to the touch.

The cloth mask can be washed many times. And the touch of the cloth mask does not change.

On the other hand, disposable paper masks become fluffy when washed.

When the fibers come out,
Your face will feel itchy

If you feel itchy, you will touch your face.
Do not touch your face with unclean hands.


Three-dimensional mask and pleated mask


There are various mask shapes, such as “flat type”, “pleated type”, and “three-dimensional type”.

The flat type is the easiest to make.
For example, you can fold a handkerchief to make a mask.

Both the pleated type and the three-dimensional type are popular.
However, there are several reasons why I chose the 3D mask instead of the pleated type.

That are,
(1) When making a three-dimensional type, you can make with less fabrics than the pleated type.

(2) In the case of the folding type, it is troublesome to fold the fabrics. (though it is easy to make the pleats with an iron.)

(3) The three-dimensional mask has a space around the mouth (easy to breathe and talk).